woman reaching for item on high shelf with reacher

Wondering how to choose the right reacher? We can help with that!



We stock a large selection of reacher models in lengths from 20" to 12 feet for many jobs! Our reachers will pick up a dime or a brick!

 Our 32" heavy-duty EZ Reacher and/or our DOT Reacher are the most popular models used by cities and road departments for picking up litter or debris. However, these models are also handy around the home or garage to reach an item on a shelf, grab clothing or toys, a sock behind the dryer and many other odd jobs. Longer versions are often used to reach from mowers or in various industrial applications. 

But remember, longer is not always better!  When you pick up something you might need to be able to put it somewhere. We suggest using a yardstick or tape measure to determine how far you must reach, including the length of your arm.

The lighter weight reachers are easier to grip and are designed to be used indoors. These are popular with the handicapped and elderly. Some have locking handles and/or fold for travel or to carry in a wheelchair.

If you have questions, call us!

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