The heavy-duty EZ Reacher is not just used as a litter pick up tool for cities, road departments and volunteer groups! We hear of interesting personal uses for an EZ Reacher in addition to picking up sticks and debris in the yard. Some people keep an EZ Reacher as a grabber in their garage just to reach spray paint cans, WD-40, etc. or anything on a rather inaccessable shelf. Elderly and handicapped folks use a reacher/grabber as a tool for picking up the newspaper or reaching anything dropped on the floor. Our lightweight and folding reacher will travel in a suitcase or easily ride along in a wheelchair. You can pick up yard sticks and/or pine cones or even use a longer reacher to pick fruit from trees. One customer even uses her EZ Reacher to pick up critters her cat seems to bring home for her! The uses are endless and we hope to share more of these interesting stories from time to time to give you more ideas of ways to use your reacher.







The original EZ Reacher is often called a "recher"."ez Reacher","litter pick up tool"', "grabber", "nabber" or "pick up tool"! This tool has been around for over 40 years so don't confuse it with cheap imitations! It is still considered the most popular pick-up tool available due to its durable construction of non-rusting aluminum, spring stainless-steel mechanism and comfortable pistol-grip handle. We are proud to say that we are one of the oldest and largest distributors for these products!

The sensitive rubber cups will pick up a dime or a brick and last a long time and these are available for easy replacement if ever required.

You will commonly see our EZ Reacher tools being used along the highways as litter pick-up tools but the list of uses for our reachers is almost endless! EZ Reachers extend your reach for items on high shelves, under furnishings or in tight places such as behind a clothes dryer or even to pick-up sticks and debris in the yard! Murphy's Law says that when you drop something it's always going to go to the most inaccessible location!

woman reaching for item on high shelf with reacher

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