ez reacher,

  • 120" (ten foot) Folding & Locking EZ Reacher Pro

    10' EZ Reacher Pro, folding w/locking handle.
    This tool folds for easy transport and storage but is rigid when extended.

  • 32" EZ Reacher

    The original EZ Reacher has been the most popular reacher tool world-wide for over 40 years. It can pick up a dime or a five-pound brick! 

    This tool, along with our similar 32" DOT Reacher, are the models commonly used by highway crews, parks, cities, solid waste depts., schools and many others for litter control. However, EZ Reachers are also handy for other jobs around the home and yard and perfect length for  picking up sticks, pine cones and trash from the yard, on reaching shelves or into other difficult places.

    Save money, essentially you get two free when buying the 32S-CS case of twelve or call us for larger-quantity discounts 1-877-313-7727 toll-free.

    NOTE: Although they last a long time, it's always a good idea to order an extra set of rubber cups with your purchase of any reacher!

  • 32" EZ Reacher Pro w/locking handle

    This Pro model offers a larger handle with a locking handle feature should you desire to use it.

    In the locking position, you can lock on to an item and then release it to drop it or set it down!

  • 40" EZ Reacher Pro w/locking handle

    For those that want the locking-handle feature, the Pro reacher features a larger ergonomic handle and a locking switch that can be turned on or off as required.

  • 40" EZ Reacher

    The 40" EZ Reacher offers a longer length than the standard 32" reacher and
    it offers a longer reach . This reacher is commonly used by taller people or reaching from riding mowers and some industrial applications.

    NOTE: It's always smart to order an extra set of cups when buying any reacher.

  • 40" Lightweight, locking EZ Reacher

    The 40" lighterweight EZ Reacher offers a longer version of these tools. This model comes with the locking-handle feature. Does not fold! 

    Guaranteed forever by the manufacturer!

  • 60" Folding & Locking EZ Reacher

    For special jobs, a 60" reacher is available. These longer tools fold for easy storage and shipment and have a locking handle feature if required.

  • 72" Folding & Locking EZ Reacher

    72" Folding reacher for special jobs. This tool folds for easy storage and shipping but is rigid when opened. Has locking handle feature.

    Even longer sizes are available, keep scrolling! Questions? Call us 1-877-313-7727!

  • 96" (eight foot) Folding & Locking EZ Reacher Pro

    96" (eight foot) folding reacher with locking handle, Pro Model
    Folds for shipping and storage  but is rigid when extended.

  • Replacement Cups. 2 pkg.

    Replacement Cups will fit all rubber cup reachers, 2/pk

    Suggestion: Order several packs or with an additional reacher to maximize your benefit of the necessary shipping charge!

  • Tractor Holster

    NEW ! You have asked and we finally have one! 

    The Tractor Holster is designed to attach to home-type riding mowers and many larger tractors to hold your EZ Reacher, Trash Gator
    and/or other pick-up tools. Obviously, the convenience of being able to remove sticks, trash and other items from the next path of your mower without dismounting offers quite an advantage to the mowing task!

    Comes with special mounting adhesive strips and instructions. Very easy to install at any location on left or right side of mower!

    In your order "notes", specify color - John Deere green or black.