32" EZ Reacher

ez_reacher_131320368832"  EZ Reacher
$19.99 each

Replacement Cups. 2 pkg.

The original EZ Reacher has been the most popular reacher tool world-wide for over 40 years. It can pick up a dime or a five-pound brick! 

This tool, along with our similar 32" DOT Reacher, are the models commonly used by highway crews, parks, cities, solid waste depts., schools and many others for litter control. However, EZ Reachers are also handy for other jobs around the home and yard and perfect length for  picking up sticks, pine cones and trash from the yard, on reaching shelves or into other difficult places.

NOTE: Although they last a long time, it's always a good idea to order an extra set of rubber cups with your purchase of any reacher!

Replacement Cupd
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12' reacher
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Metal Disks
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