Dunn EZ Concentrated Cleaner 32oz

ou won't believe it until you try it, we promise! Why pay for the water? Buy the concentrate like hotels and businesses do!

Dunn EZ is a non-toxic concentrated all-purpose cleaner that stands out above all the rest! A small amount of Dunn EZ can be diluted into your own spray bottle or bucket using as little as one ounce per gallon of water, or in varying strength for thousands of uses. Can be used for mopping, cleaning light switches or wall smudges, carpet spots, vehicle washing, appliances, counters, stove tops as an amazing pre-wash stain remover on clothing and tons of other jobs! Why buy 20 items for 20 cleaning jobs? 

Many popular spray cleaning formulas sold in the grocery are actually mostly water so you pay a much higher final cost.

Available in original or a pleasant cherry scent.

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