Collapsible Barrel

Now, this is an ingenious product and one of the handiest items in our own collection of yard tools! 

Unsnap two restraints and the handy spring-loaded barrel "pops-up" instantly, yet it folds flat to hang up for storage. This large capacity 22"D x 26"H 43 gallon barrel is made of washable vinyl. The collapsible barrel is lightweight (only six pounds) so you can easily move it around to anyplace. It has a shoulder-strap and handles at top and bottom for moving and dumping. 

Our folding barrel has lots of uses for yard and garden maintenance including raking leaves, cleaning up trimmings, weeds, sticks, pine cones or use it as a handy portable trash container for a picnic or party.
Wiil accomodate a large plastic trash bag.

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