High-Quality Litter Pick Up Tools

Whether you pick up trash along the highway and roads or do yard work, let E-ZEE Supply & Distribution Co.'s high-quality litter pickup tools make your job easier.

Great for a Variety of Activities

The EZ Reacher and DOT Reacher pickup tools aren't just for picking up trash. They are useful for clearing yard waste or retrieving items in inaccessible places. They take the load off your back and allow you to clean up faster, quicker, and easier

Whether you're a city official who needs new tools for your litter pickup workers or a homeowner who wants a useful tool for yard work or just reaching your spray paint or W-D 40 in the garage.

E-ZEE Supply & Distribution Co. is here to help. Call us at 1-877-313-7727 to learn more or to order your products.