High-Quality Litter Pick Up Tools

Whether you pick up trash along the highway or do yard work, let E-ZEE Supply & Distribution Co.'s litter pickup tools make your job easier.

Great for a Variety of Activities

Litter pickup tools aren't just for picking up trash. They are useful for clearing yard waste, retrieving items when you're comfortable in bed or in a chair, or even cleaning up your bathroom. They take the load off your back and allow you to clean up faster, quicker, and easier.

Useful for All Your Various Needs

E-ZEE Supply & Distribution Co. is proud to offer the following products:

  • EZ Reacher: One of our more popular products, the EZ Reacher comes in a variety of lengths and styles.
  • Trash Gator: The heavy-duty cousin to the EZ Reacher, the Trash Gator offers a wider jaw to pick up cumbersome pieces of trash.
  • DOT Reacher: This litter pickup tool is popular with public works and roadwork departments.
  • Litter Stick: Poke trash with ease with our litter stick. This tool is especially useful for old paper and leaves.

Whether you're a city official who needs new tools for your litter pickup workers or a homeowner who wants a useful tool for yard work, E-ZEE Supply & Distribution Co. is here to help. Call us at 1-877-313-7727 to learn more or to order your products.