E-ZEE Supply Company is a small business concern established in 1999 specializing in top-quality, heavy-duty reachers and grabber tools of many varieties and lengths. We supply litter handling tools and accessory products to road departments, cities, beautification groups, parks, solid waste, schools, industry and public works depts. all over North America. But that's not all!

Home owners will find all kinds of uses for a reacher around the home to reach items on high shelves or in other inaccessable places and in the yard to pick up sticks, pine cones, rocks and trash. Our tools are also used by many manufacturing firms and to aid the handicapped who may be wheelchair bound or can't bend over easily. We think you will find our reasonable prices, personalized service and fast delivery make us a great place to shop!

We also sell other handy products such as our fantastic all-purpose Dunn EZ Concentrated cleaner, adjustable rake, collapsible barrel for yard trimmings or trash, pruners, etc.