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 E-ZEE Supply uniquely specializes in only top-quality, heavy-duty, reacher/grabber tools including the famous EZ Reacher, Trash Gator and the DOT Reacher. We carry reacher models for all jobs, in lengths from 20 inches to 12 feet. Our EZ Reachers are commonly used as litter pick up tools in cities and along our roads and highways. However, they are not just used a litter pick up tool, an EZ Reacher or grabber tool has many handy uses around the home and yard and you will soon find hundreds of uses. They will pick up a dime or a brick! !

Click "our products" here or at the top of this page, then one of the categories to see all we have to offer! We also sell some other products including the famous Dunn EZ, All-Purpose concentrated cleaner for all cleaning jobs. Click any photo to see more information and a full description of each product .

E-ZEE Supply & Distributing Co. is a small business concern operating now for 20 years. We generally ship same-day and it's simple and secure to order on-line.  Questions?? You can always talk to the owner, "Larry", on the phone (and you won't get a computer). We are here to answer your questions!

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